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Updated Thursday August 1, 2019 by QC Heat.

Queen Creek Heat Softball Sponsor Registration Form

Sponsorship level desired (please circle):

THE SINGLE         $300 x ___ year(s)                                           THE TRIPLE  $750 x ___ year(s)

THE DOUBLE      $500 x ___ year(s)                                           HOME RUN $1000 x ___year(s)

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Contact person for advertising information (logos, banner info, etc):
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By signing this, I, the sponsor, acknowledge the sponsorship policy and agree to adhere to all components of this policy. If I fail to adhere by this policy, Queen Creek Heat Softball Little League has the right to revoke my sponsorship. For information on our Sponsorship Policy please visit our website:

Queen Creek Heat Softball Little League is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization.
It’s EIN is:____________________________________________

Sponsor Form and Checks can be given to:

Queen Creek Heat Board Member: _________________________________________________
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